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Math Transformations honors and builds upon the talent and knowledge every teacher and leader brings to the teaching profession.  Every student deserves to see themself as a mathematician and to see mathematics as a gateway to their futures.  Our passionate team of teachers, math coaches, principals, university professors, and scientists personalize professional learning experiences to support you and your students in elevating math teaching and learning across your systems.  We also leverage our strength-based assessment to uncover student strengths, shift mindsets, and increase expectations.


We understand that change takes time and inspiration, that together we have to challenge our own beliefs about what it means to teach and learn mathematics.  We understand that the interaction between the teacher and student is the heart of it all, yet all systems and players must be part of the solution.  We are your partners in this endeavor.  We know how to make these changes.  We will meet you and your organization where you are in your development and build on your strengths.  We will help you to get the results you desire and to create the mathematics experience every student deserves.

Math Transformations brings decades of experience in transforming mathematics education to support your institution in reaching your mathematical goals. At the center of our solution is the belief that the interaction between students and teachers is critical; we work with you to build systems of support. 


We customize our math professional learning services to capitalize on your school’s or district’s strengths and to support the growth of your students, teachers, leaders, and community.


Our customers share that students demonstrate increased confidence, joy, and deeper learning.  Teachers are empowered, connected to our educator networks, and more precise and effective in their instruction. 


We can help support everyone in your math system to find the passion that brought them into the profession to begin with. 


If you are interested in partnering with
Math Transformations, please contact us.


We are a consulting team of experienced educators who deeply believe that math is essential to all students' lives and futures. We believe that every student is capable of building a solid foundation in mathematics and that every teacher is capable of facilitating high-quality math experiences so that every student can discover the beauty of mathematics as well as its practical applications.

We are educators

Our balanced team of consultants are educators and skilled adult learning facilitators who have experience across many different roles.

We understand​

We understand your personal and environmental challenges and strengths and how to work with them for the greatest outcomes.


We are invested & committed to your long-term success

We agree with the research and know that to create lasting change in the classroom, we must be invested in professional learning over a period of time and be a partner outside and inside the classroom.

We are responsive

We make you feel like you're our only client. It's important to us that we are available when you need us most.

We customize our services for your needs

We're able to tailor professional learning experiences to meet the needs of everyone in your entire system. Much like the classroom and how teachers are expected to meet a wide range of students' needs—we do the same. Paying close attention to what is said (and what isn't said) to create experiences that work with and for you.

We build programs for internal sustainability

We practice gradual release so that when we leave, you have built up teacher capacity, leadership capacity, and coherent systems in your schools. A test of our success is your ability to sustain the growth, passion, learning, and high-quality student performance. 

We are an important bridge between research & practice

We are highly connected in universities. Whatever the needs of a district or a school are, we are able to make important connections at the university level to support your goals.

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Providing professional learning that supports teachers in making lasting change to their instructional practice is a complex endeavor. Designing professional learning that unites all the teachers in a school, shifts professional culture, and generates school-wide change can be even more daunting. Effectively led Japanese Lesson Study can accomplish both. Unlike many models of professional learning which remove teachers from their classroom and school environments, Lesson Study provides an opportunity for teachers to deepen their pedagogical content knowledge and confront their beliefs while situating all activity in the classroom, among students, and among colleagues.

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"Andrea and the Math Transformations team are unquestionably the highest quality professional development available to schools to improve math instruction for deep student learning."

-Andy Johnsen, Ed.D. Superintendent,

Lakeside Union School District

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Andrea Barraugh, Ed.D. 

CEO Math Transformations

"Elevating math educators and students is a calling for me. For 30 years I have had a singular focus - bring out the mathematician in every child.  The best way to do that is to bring out the mathematician in every teacher.


In founding Math Transformations, I gathered a diverse team of educators with the same mission.  Together we work with hundreds of teachers and, in turn, inspire a passion for mathematics in thousands of students.  Every student deserves to see themself as a mathematician and to see mathematics as a gateway to their future."

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