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3rd Grade

Online Games


Pick a Path

Practice reaching a target number with different operations.


Bunny Times

Practice multiplication with bunnies, carrots, and arrays.


Fraction Fling

Math fractions to an area model.


Fraction Concentration

Match fractions to an area or group model.


Matching Fraction Game

Mach fractions to a number line model.


Equivalent Fractions Bingo

Match equivalent fractions.


Number Line Battleship 

(Brain Pop - free access through July)

Place fractions on a number line.


Drag and Drop 

(Brain Pop - free access through July)

Sort/Match fractions with area models.

Home Material Games



Cover Up Fraction Game 

Cùbrelo (Spanish)

Explore the relative size of fraction pieces and relationships between them.


Uncover Fraction Game 

Descubrelo/Destapalo (Spanish)

Get really good at strategically exchanging fractions for equivalent fractions.

Greatest Fraction Wins!

La Fracción más Grande Gana! (Spanish)

Roll and place each digit as you explore the role of the numerator & denominator  in the value of a fraction as well as model and compare fractions.)


Fraction Capture

Captura la Fracción (Spanish)

This game is like the card game “War.”  Compare fractions, justify your thinking, win cards!

Fraction War (from

Fraction War Video

Fraction War Cards

Estimation180 Scavenger Hunt

Students measure estimate and measure their own height to nearest 1/4 inch, then find and measure objects equal to, shorter than, and taller than their own height.  Finally, they build a number line with their measurements, emphasizing spacing and placing accurately.


Multi-Digit Addition & Subtraction

Target Sum

Adding multi-digit whole numbers - a great visual model connecting Number Line hops to adding!


3rd Grade Online Games


Practice Book (Fractions - Units 1 &  6)

Temporarily Free from The Math Learning Center

Print and/or upload to Go Formative (free accounts for now)

3rd Home Material Games
3rd Grade Practice


Coming soon!

3rd Grade Tasks
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