8th Grade

Math Warm-Ups


Expressions and Equations

Pool Border Problem (Desmos)

Students explore different ways to find the number of tiles in the border of a square swimming pool.  They discover that the expressions they generate are all equivalent. (You would probably need to introduce this during a synchronous lesson and then have students work on it.)


NCTM’s Pan Balance Equations 

Enter algebraic or numeric expressions and compare. **Really cool modeling!**


NCTM’s Algebra Tiles

Poses problems, has students model with algebra tiles and solve, tells them if they are correct or incorrect. 


Balancing Scales to Solve Equations 

(PBS Media Learning)

Interactive opportunity to balance a scale.


Modeling and Solving Two-Step Equations (Gizmos)


Smallest Solution (Desmos)

Solving multi-step equations with variables on both sides. Algebraic thinking and justifying.


Real World Expressions and Equations (PBS)  

A fantastic task about the fairness of tipping formulas.  Video-launched.  Best launched synchronously.


Central Park (Desmos)

This experience contains a series of scaffolds leading students to be able to write an equation for a linear relationship.  It is an older Desmos task with some missing features so might be better used synchronously so you can provide instruction. 


Picture Perfect (Desmos)

This experience is engaging and challenging.  Students go generate linear equations that match a “hanging picture frames” context.  Scaffolding makes the algebra accessible.


Classification of Solutions (Desmos)

Solve multi-step linear equations and classify them.


Video Game:  Dragon Box (algebra 12+)

Teaches all the rules for solving algebraic equations but does it visually in a virtual video game environment..  

The App is $7.99

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