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What is the DEMI?

The Primary DEMI is a developmentally appropriate asset-based assessment for TK-2nd grade students.  It values home language, integrates students’ life experiences, and opens a window into the strengths of students’ mathematical thinking.


The Primary DEMI deepens teachers’ knowledge about how to notice and respond to students’ math thinking and promotes a strength-based teacher lens.  It provides an actionable report to track student growth and support teachers with ideas and next steps.


The Primary DEMI consists of a sequence of one-on-one interviews, spanning a developmental numeric reasoning continuum across TK-2nd grade.  Designed to fit into the day-to-day life of a classroom, each interview takes 10-15 minutes, utilizes concrete materials, and is administered by the teacher through a digital dashboard.  


  • Track student growth within and across years

  • Support teachers in noticing and responding to student math thinking

  • Create an actional report that focuses on student assets

  • Provide teachers and parents with ideas for next steps

  • Provide opportunities for students to set goals and track their progress

  • Provide district and site leadership with comprehensive information about student assets


  • Focus on what students CAN do

  • Value home language

  • Offer a numeric reasoning continuum

  • Build teachers’ questioning and listening skills

  • Provide answers to “what now?”

  • Develop with teacher input

  • Support teacher implementation

  • Align with district math systems


  • Value students’ home language - translation in a wide range of languages (spoken prompts and student spoken responses)

  • Tailor accommodations to students’ neurodiversities (working on ways to capture alternative methods of responding beyond speaking)

  • Items built with the input of students and teachers (opportunity to be culturally responsive in the design)

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