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TK and Kindergarten

Math Warm-Ups

Splat Math (From Steve Wyborney)


Splat through 10

Splat 1.1

Splat 1.2

Splat 1.3

Splat 1.4

Splat 1.5


"How Many?" Images (from Simon Greg)

Online Games

Five Frame Game

Students play four five frames games that help them develop counting and addition skills.


Ten Frame Game

Students play four ten frame games that help them develop counting and addition skills.


Birthday Candle Counting

Students practice counting 1-10, recognizing numerals, and decorating a birthday cake.


Counting Fish

Students count the number of fish they see swimming and then click on the corresponding number.


Blast Off! Numerical Order

Students blast off and practice numerical sequences by arranging numbers in ascending order.


Sum of All Dice

Students practice skills including subitizing, counting all, counting on, and addition by finding the sum of all the dice.


Roll to the Finish

Students practice addition and roll their way to the finish in a race against Snake Eyes, the dice tossing robot.


Number Grid Fireworks

Students develop an understanding of patterns and number relationships by exploring a number grid to help the monkey find the fireworks.


Sailboat Subtraction

Students practice fluency with subtraction to 12 while playing tug of war with their sailboat.

Kindergarten Online Games

Home Material Games


Salute (Spanish)

Students build fluency with addition and subtraction with this missing addend game.

        Salute Video Demo

Ten Frame Card Deck


Teddy Bear Race

Carrera del Oso (Spanish)

Students work together with their partner to collect all 10 counters in this collaborative game that encourages practice with counting and adding.

Math and Movement


Scavenger Hunt

Búsqueda del Tesoro (Spanish)

Find, make, or draw 10 of the 12 items from the list to be a Scavenger Scholar!


Shape Hunt

Cacería de Formas (Spanish)

Go on a shape hunt in your house and outside!  How many of each shape can you find? 


Building Patterns

Construyendo Patrones (Spanish)

Choose items in your house and build a pattern with them.


Exercise Patterns

¡Ejercicios con Patrones! (Spanish)

Watch a fund “Pump Up the Pattern” exercise video with Jack Hartmann and then make up your own exercise patterns.


What Comes Next?

¿Qué Sigue? (Spanish)

Watch a video, play an online game, build patterns with household items and ask, “What comes next?”


Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Cual No Pertenece (Spanish)

Watch a video, look at pictures and justify your thinking, play online, and build your own puzzles with household items.

Kindergarten Home Material Games


Coming soon!

Kindergarten Practice


Coming soon!

Kindergarten Tasks
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