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Andrea Barraugh
Oct 15, 2020
In Conferences and Webinars
We hope you enjoy our session from the California Math Conference! Click on the linked math choice boards, menus, and playlists below. Then join the discussion! Session Slides Grade Level Choice Boards, Menus, and Playlists Kindergarten Choice Board: Addition within 10 1st Grade Menu: Addition within 20 2nd Grade:  Addition and Subtraction 3rd Grade Menu:  Fractions 4th & 5th Grade Menu: Fractions 4th & 5th Grade Choice Board: Fractions 5th Grade: Decimals (with connections to fractions & percents) 6th - 8th Grade Choice Board:  Ratios, Rates, & Proportional Reasoning 8th - 12th Grade Menu: Functions Join the discussion! How might you use choice boards, menus, or playlists in your classroom? Based on this session, what new ideas or questions do you have?
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Andrea Barraugh

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