9th-12th Grade

Starting the Year

Tasks for Establishing a Classroom Community of Thinking, Reasoning, Problem Solving & Discourse

Frogs:  A logic task from NRich Maths 

Factors and Multiples Game: Another task from NRich which supports strategic thinking and problem solving. Explained by Marilyn Burns

Nim-Like Games: Logic games from NRich Maths.

Sara Van Der Werf

Week 1 Assignments & Lessons

Secondary Number Talks


5 x 5 Game

Teaching Groupwork with the 100 Numbers Task

Communication and Reasoning Resources

What’s Going On In this Graph?  (NY Times)

7 Ways to Explore the Math of the Coronavirus with the NYT

Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Would You Rather?

Routines for Reasoning - Fostering Math Practices 

Desmos Classroom Activities (plus their activity builder and graphing calculator)



Visual Patterns by Fawn Nguyen - A bank of visual growing patterns.  Visual Patterns Assignment Example



Open Middle

Robert Kaplinsky’s “challenging problems worth solving” organized by high school course.


Number Talks

Secondary Number Talks by Sara Van Der Warf (After reading her ideas, check out all her links at the bottom of the blog post)

Number Talk Images

Number Talks by Fawn Nguyen

Secondary “Math Talks” (from “How We Teach”)

Number Talks Books: 1) Making Number Talks Matter  2) Digging Deeper


Bongard Problems


Book:  Up for Debate - Chris Luzniak


Data Science

Online Interactives:

Data Games

Playing computer games creates a lot of data, which usually disappear when the game is over. But in Data Games, you learn to analyze data that are saved, learning math and data skills that help you win!

Rich Tasks and Data Sets:

(for virtual and in-person learning)

You Cubed Data Science Units - Jo Boaler


Driving while Black and Brown

Task, data, and resources provided by TODOS at the 2019 CMC Conference.

This is a social justice lesson in which students investigate if there is bias in who the police/highway patrol pull-over.  

Here are recent local data 


The Eeps Data Zoo

Data sets related to science experiments (although having students do the experiments and create the data would be more ideal)



Monty Hall 3-Door Problem

Probability can be really fun. After getting a sense of the basics and exploring various “games”, students can create their own games of chance, with a discussion about the odds of their games, who the game favors, etc. A discussion and exploration of the Monty Hall 3-door problem is fascinating and does not follow our typical logic. Mathematicians argue about this problem.


STEAM and Engineering

Online Interactives:

Tuva - A data literacy platform (not free)

Rich Tasks:

(for virtual and in-person learning)

Concord Consortium - STEM Resource Finder



Online Interactives:

Rich Tasks:

(for virtual and in-person learning)

Graphing Stories (Kaplinsky)


In-N-Out 100x100 burger (Kaplinsky)

Kaplinsky Tasks


Illustrative Math

Mathematical Modeling Resources

Re(Solve):  Maths by Inquiry - Mathematical Modeling Units 



Achieve the Core: Modeling Tasks


Variety of Rich Task Resources

Radical Math - Resources for Teaching Math with a Social Justice Perspective



National Science Digital Library: Type in any math topic and it will provide you with links to tasks.



Robert Kaplinksy’s Video & Image-Launched Tasks



Andrew Stadel’s 3-Act Tasks



Dan Meyer’s 3-Act Tasks



Bowland Math:  Performance Tasks



Illustrative Math: Free online curriculum organized by course and standards.



YouCubed. Wealth of resources including low floor, high ceiling tasks.



NRich Maths: Rich Tasks, Puzzles, Games


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