6th-8th Grade

Math Warm-Ups

Math 5280:

Challenging Math for Adventurous Learners

Expressions and Equations

Solve Me Mobiles


Number Sentence - Equations (Desmos)

The title doesn’t capture what this task is about.  It focuses on matching algebraic expressions to contexts and word descriptions.  It is a worthwhile task.


Equivalent Expressions (Desmos)


Pool Border Problem (Desmos)

Students explore different ways to find the number of tiles in the border of a square swimming pool.  They discover that the expressions they generate are all equivalent. (You would probably need to introduce this during a synchronous lesson and then have students work on it.)


NCTM’s Pan Balance Equations 

Enter algebraic or numeric expressions and compare. **Really cool modeling!**


NCTM’s Algebra Tiles

Poses problems, has students model with algebra tiles and solve, tells them if they are correct or incorrect. 


Balancing Scales to Solve Equations 

(PBS Media Learning)

Interactive opportunity to balance a scale.


Inequalities Polygraph (Desmos)


Video Game:  Dragon Box (algebra 12+)

Teaches all the rules for solving algebraic equations but does it visually in a virtual video game environment..  

The App is $7.99

Equality Explorer: Basics

Equality Explorer

Equality Explorer: Two Variables

Expression Exchange

Area Model Algebra


The Number System

Ratios and Proportional Reasoning




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