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Professional Learning Consultant

Nicole Allard

Director of Systems and Operations


Nicole served as the Executive Director of Educational Excellence and Innovation for the Vista Unified School District, near San Diego, CA.  In this role, she supported educators in creating learning environments and pathways that would prepare students for postsecondary success.  Prior to this, Nicole served as the principal of Mission Vista High School, a nationally recognized demonstration magnet school.  She has 25 years of experience in education, with 17 in site and district administration.  

Nicole sees the role of the principal as a change agent, transforming school environments and empowering teachers to reimagine instruction.  Nicole believes that personalizing learning engages students in discovering their strengths, interests, and future passions that will better prepare them for an increasingly complex world of work.  

Nicole is a nationally recognized leader in the transformation of learning, school design, and district strategy and operations.  Nicole serves on the Advisory Council for Learner-Centered Collaborative and is an alumna of the Innovation Directors Network of The Learning Accelerator 

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