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Services for Teachers and Coaches

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Classroom Coaching


Consultants will go into the classrooms with teachers to guide instructional shifts into practice.  We use a variety of structures to support teachers at the classroom level:

Lesson Study

Observation and Reflective Conversations


Plan/Co-Teach/Co-Reflect Cycles

Demonstration Lessons

Math Content Workshops

Grade Level Math Content and Pedagogy Workshops

Participants unpack the Common Core Math Content Standards and examine the vertical progression of the standards across the grades.  They engage in math experiences where they come to deeply understand the content detailed in the standards as well as best practices for helping students learn that content.  These workshops can be either for a specific grade level or for a vertical span of grade levels.  They can be tailored to your specific site needs.  When appropriate, this offering can include working with the teachers' current textbook

Math Practice Workshops

Common Core Math Practice Workshops

Participants come to understand the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice by engaging in mathematics as adult learners.  They learn what it looks and feels like to persevere, look for structure, construct a viable argument, and then connect it to their own classroom practice.

Lesson Study

Lesson Study

Lesson Study is simply the most impactful professional learning structure to improve instructional practice.  It is grounded in action research cycles:  teachers collaborate to plan and implement instruction, then examine its effects on student learning.  Math Transformations facilitates the entire process, from establishing overarching goals, to generating actionable questions about practice, to research and lesson design, to the collaborative teaching experience, to student work analysis and lesson revisions.  We can work within the constraints of your system and budget, designing year-long or shorter Lesson Study cycles.

Read Supporting Teacher Learning and Shifting Professional Culture Through Lesson Study (page 36) for more information on our lesson study applications.   

(Blended learning options available online and in-person)


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