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Instructional Leadership Workshop

Principals play a key role in leading instructional shifts within their schools and across their districts.  We provide principal instructional leadership workshops to help principals build their own capacity for math leadership.  These workshops include support in the areas of developing a clear math vision for your school, developing a school-wide professional learning plan to meet your goals, using research-based protocols for classroom observations and reflective conversations, tapping into and supporting potential math teacher leaders,  and any other identified needs principals have.


Leadership Coaching

 Our consultants work as one-on-one coaches with each principal at his/her school site to improve the effectiveness of day to day math instructional leadership.   Activities can include: guided classroom observations and reflective conferencing using a variety of research-based best practices and tools, support in identifying and strategically guiding teacher math leaders, planning and facilitating professional learning for teachers, consultation to solve school-specific challenges, and structuring and facilitating data analysis and use.  We tailor our support to meet any needs that individual or small groups of principals have.

(Blended learning options available - online and in-person)


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