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Understanding Mathematical Shifts

In these workshops and presentations, Math Transformations consultants support parents as they deepen their understanding of  the current mathematical shifts.  We share research, engage in math together, and watch videos of students thinking and reasoning about math.  We often will integrate your teachers into the presentations so the parents feel the connection to their children’s classrooms and so the teachers can potentially lead these sessions themselves in the future.  We determine length and duration of the workshops based on what works in your setting.

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How to Support Your Child With Math

This interactive four-session workshop series begins by introducing parents to general strategies to support students with math learning.  The focus then narrows to a tailored exploration of the math content the students are currently learning, how it is being taught in the classroom, and how to support them.  These workshops provide parents with a place to share their challenges to get their questions answered.  They are customized to the school or district and are offered in collaboration with teachers and administration.

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