4th Grade

Math Warm-Ups

Splat Math

(From Steve Wyborney)


Clothesline Math (Estimation 180)

Number and Operations: Multiplication and Division

Common Core Standards

Arithmetic (PhET)

Multiplication Table Exploration


Area Model Introduction (PhET)


Area Model: Multiplication (PhET)

Missing Factors

Factor Bingo


Number and Operations: Fractions

Common Core Standards

Equivalent Fractions

Sp Equivalent Fractions 

Fractions on the Number Line, Equivalent Fractions, Partitioning Rectangles

Fraction Concentration

Match fractions to an area or group model.

The Fraction Game

Decomposing fractions, equivalent fractions, combining fractions.

Cover Up Fraction Game 

Cùbrelo (Spanish)

Explore the relative size of fraction pieces and relationships between them.

Capture Fractions

Uncover Fraction Game 

Descubrelo/Destapalo (Spanish)

Get really good at strategically exchanging fractions for equivalent fractions.


Greatest Fraction Wins!

La Fracción más Grande Gana! (Spanish)

Roll and place each digit as you explore the role of the numerator & denominator  in the value of a fraction as well as model and compare fractions. For 4th and 5th grades, play the Greatest Sum or Greatest Difference wins!  


Fraction Capture

Captura la Fracción (Spanish)

This game is like the card game “War.”  Compare fractions, justify your thinking, win cards!


Fraction War (from Fractiontalks.com)

Fraction War Video

Fraction War Cards


Fractions In-Between Game

Fracciones en el Medio (Spanish)

Compare fractions, order fractions, justify your thinking


Number and Operations in Base Ten: Decimals

Common Core Standards

Desmos:  The Decimal Challenge

Target 1

En el Blanco 1 (Spanish)

Players choose cards to make 2 decimal numbers that have a sum as close to 1 as possible.


Target 2

En el Blanco 2 (Spanish)

Adding Fractions


The Place Value Game

Juego de Valor Posicional (Spanish)

Place Value Game Demo Video

Virtual Spinner

Decimal Place Value


Decimal Compare 

Comparar con Decimales (Spanish)

Digital Tool:  Modeling Decimals

Compare decimals - like the card game War.


Decimal Double Compare

Comparación Decimal Doble (Spanish)

Digital Tool:  Modeling Decimals

Smaller to Larger - Decimals

Decimales de Menor a Mayor (Spanish)

Digital Tool:  Modeling Decimals

Read, compare, order, model decimals.


Decimal Maze

Making sense of decimal operations.  What is the highest score you can get?  Use a calculator and have fun!


Other Decimal Games


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