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Collin Barraugh

Director of STEM Career Outreach

Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
and PhD Student at Colorado School of Mines

Collin Barraugh has worked as an educator with Catalyst 4 Success and now Math Transformations. He is strongly interested in developing mathematical exercises that tackle real-world problems, require critical thinking, and can be scaled for different grade levels. A main goal for him is to inspire more students to pursue careers in science.
Collin received a B.A. in Biochemistry from Claremont McKenna College and is currently seeking a Ph.D. in Advanced Energy Systems from Colorado School of Mines. He also works at the National Renewable Energy Lab on integrating more renewable energy in the grid. Facing new challenges every day, Collin frequently employs a combination of statistical and computational techniques to tackle engineering problems. His work has been published in Sustainable Energy in Fuels and ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. In his free time, Collin climbs, surfs, and hikes with his dog Blue. His passion for the outdoors continues to be an important driver for his career in renewable energy.

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