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Andrea Barraugh, Ed.D.


CEO of Math Transformations

Andrea has spent the past 28 years as an educator committed to improving classroom math instruction so that all students can uncover the underlying beauty of mathematics and have equal access to the opportunities a high-quality math education affords.  
Currently, as CEO of Math Transformations, she focuses all of her attention on positively impacting math teaching and learning across San Diego County schools and beyond.  Dr. Barraugh’s foundations are rooted in 32 years of ongoing engagement with UC San Diego where she completed her bachelor, masters, and doctorate degrees.  She has served as a teacher, as a math coach, in administrative roles, as an instructor of undergraduate and graduate courses in both the UC San Diego and University of San Diego’s Education Studies Departments, as a national and international math consultant, and as a featured speaker at local, national, and international conferences.  Andrea currently serves as advisor to the San Diego Math Network, the UC San Diego Math Project, and the SDUSD’s Enhanced Math Project.  Her passion lies in math education, teacher professional learning, and issues of educational equity.  She studies the interaction of personal and contextual factors that interact to influence how teachers express mathematics instruction.   Understanding these interactions as well as her extensive experience across all parts of education systems gives her insight to effectively work with teachers, administrators, and entire school systems in transformative ways




Counting on Context: An anchored approach to mathematical communication and problem solving.

Situated Mathematics Instruction: The interaction of teacher knowledge, beliefs, and policy interpretation.

Supporting Teacher Learning and Shifting Professional Culture Through Lesson Study

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