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Mary Ann Warrington

Math Consultant

Math Program Director, Town School for Boys

Mary Ann’s tenure as an educator has included roles as a classroom teacher, editor for NCTM, instructor for graduate courses, Math Solutions consultant, and math specialist coach. She has designed and implemented project-based learning for over 20 years. 
Mary Ann Warrington is the Math Program Director for a K-8 school in San Francisco. She supports students and teachers in grades K-8 and is also the instructor of an accelerated Algebra class.  Mary Ann has been involved in educational reform for over 20 years. As a classroom teacher and researcher, she developed and implemented a project-based curriculum. She has designed and taught Math Methods courses at the Harvard School of Education and Wheelock College. She has been a consultant for Marilyn Burns/Math Solutions where she led professional development workshops throughout the nation. Mary Ann has published articles on children’s understanding of fractions, diversity, equity and inclusion, and differentiation.


Professional Experience

  • Math Solutions consultant

  • Math specialist and coach

  • K-8 classroom teacher

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