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Math Transformations honors and builds upon the talent and knowledge every teacher and leader brings to the teaching profession.  We see mathematics as a civil right.  Every student deserves to see themself as mathematician and to see mathematics as a gateway to their futures.  Our passionate team of teachers, math coaches, principals, university professors, and scientists personalize professional learning experiences to support you and your students in elevating math teaching and learning across your systems.


We understand that change takes time and inspiration, that together we have to challenge our own beliefs about what it means to teach and learn mathematics.  We understand that the interaction between the teacher and student is the heart of it all, yet all systems and players must be part of the solution.  We are your partners in this endeavor.  We know how to make these changes.  We will meet you and your organization where you are in your development and build on your strengths.  We will help you to get the results you desire and to create the mathematics experience every student deserves. 

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